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Fire Rescue Portable and Light Weight Manual Rescue Tools Set

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Arrived on time and as pictured. First use on a rolled over semi with family of 4 trapped inside. One well placed strike with the spike into the windshield allowed it to be pulled out. Family was out safely in seconds. Definitely worth every penny.

This demo bar is great. It is a little bit smaller than my other ones, but that makes it lighter. Sometimes I don’t need the big huge bar. This one doubles as a hammer and nail puller. It is very versatile. There are others that are bigger, heftier, etc. But this has it’s place in my toolbox. I pull it out often.

I have gone through about four or five of these, mostly just from things other than fire. I got a structure fire the other day and I was the on the primary search team. I was in for around ten to fifteen minutes and it didn’t melt off or have any severe damage. For the price this strap is amazing, the metal clip is perfect and has no issues. Great product, I highly recommend it!



You deserve quality gears that’s built to last for the toughest and dirtiest job.


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