Search and rescue work comes in a lot of different flavors. At the end of the day, most people need a lightweight bump helmet that’s versatile, modular, and prepared to take on a number of different tasks in a variety of different environments.
At the top of the list of priorities is lightweight.  You’ll be wearing your lid for long periods of time while out in the field.  And having a helmet that can easily be reconfigured on the fly for the operational task at hand gives you the flexibility you need to be prepared for a wide variety of search and rescue operations.
Our multi-purpose Search and Rescue Helmets are ideal for rope rescue, technical rescue, or USAR operations.

At Firefeu, we offer a broad range of rescue helmets from leading manufacturers. We have an assortment of fire rescue helmets, technical rescue helmets, and more to suit the PPE needs of all types of firefighters. Choose from traditional firefighter helmets, modern firefighting helmets, wildland firefighting helmets, technical rescue USAR helmets, industrial helmets, water rescue helmets, and everything in between. We also offer fire helmet parts and accessories such as eye protection, fire helmet front shields, fire decals, and more.