Forcible entry is an essential fireground function. Fire service tools are grouped by their function: striking, prying, cutting, and pulling as well as task-specific tools, such as through-the-lock or large wall breach tasks. Most forcible entry tools work on the principle of leverage.

Forcible entry tools must be in workable condition and used in accordance with their designed function.

We have reliable and durable tools that help to gain access into a building, home, or other barricaded space quickly for rescue efforts.

There are countless reliable and durable tools available that help first responders, government agencies, police departments, EMS personnel, and many others do their job effectively. Our forcible entry tool collection has everything you need to perform a successful entry with ease. Striking tools – flat-headed axe, sledgehammer – deliver an impact force sufficient to break a lock directly, drive a wedge or strike another tool.  Prying tools – crowbar, Halligan tool, pry bar  –  provide leverage and a mechanical advantage to widen a door, move an object or expose a lock during entry operations. Cut: Axes, saws, bolt cutters and cutting torches are examples of tools that will cut materials away from or around locking devices. K tool: The K tool is used to remove a cylinder lock.