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Fire Rescue Portable and Light Weight Manual Rescue Tools Set


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I got this tool hoping I wouldn’t have to use it much since it is for pulling poorly placed nails but I use the heck out of this thing not only for pulling nails but prying boards into place or using it as a foot wedge to lift a wall so I can put a stud in its correct spot. Very happy with it.

This demo bar is great. It is a little bit smaller than my other ones, but that makes it lighter. Sometimes I don’t need the big huge bar. This one doubles as a hammer and nail puller. It is very versatile. There are others that are bigger, heftier, etc. But this has it’s place in my toolbox. I pull it out often.

I love this tool…I call it the Hammer of Destruction. I got it mainly for remodeling my kitchen and demolishing the old cabinets that weren’t easily removable. I was able to knock out cabinet panels to get to hidden screws, twist out supports, and pry apart pieces. The only thing that didn’t work well for me was the nail holder and hammerhead. The magnet didn’t do much, and the hammerhead was too narrow for my poor aim. The head is tapered, making it better for punching through stuff than for hitting nails. However, I didn’t buy it for hammering, so that didn’t bother me.



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